Hello to all you budding writers, avid readers, future bestsellers and fellow bloggers.

I created this blog to basically unwind and try to unleash the talent that lies within. Hopefully over the next few years I shall progress and become at the very least, one hell of a story-teller.

I have always written even as a child. Along with an artistic flair, of which I shall write about from time to time, I also had a flair for writing on anything that was static enough to withstand a pen or coloured pencil.

I had rave reviews from most of my english teachers at primary and high school and did well with my written assignments and essays at college and university. I had a knack for putting things together, I was a natural writer. Or was I? As much as I love to write and put a few words together that make so much sense and strike a chord or two within I have found that putting together something as seamless as a novel is awe-inspiring and hard work. Yes, talent helps but a few lessons on the do’s and don’ts of writing a good yarn wouldn’t go astray.

Lot’s of people think they can write and I’m one of them but to write a story that would fit as well as a Versace suit takes a hell of a lot of practice and a knowledge that is learned over time. As all the best writers will tell you, there is nothing like practicing your art over and over again. Write, write and write some more and if you get it wrong… great…you’ve learned something and you’re on your way to being a better writer. Criticism is never lost on me as long as it’s constructive and not too x-rated. You can learn a lot from others so make your critics your friends. Even if you don’t learn a thing it’ll annoy the hell out of them!

So here I shall explore my writings, through my musings about life and a few other categories that I have selected for not only my own entertainment but hopefully yours too. Along the way I will probably explore the Internet for some useful advice and tips on writing and try to put them to good use here. I’m thinking that creating a page on ‘writing tips’ wouldn’t go astray.


5 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. sonsothunder Says:

    Okay, I’m back, and yes, you can surely add me to the blogroll. I just added your site to mine also. Have a great time.

  2. sonsothunder Says:

    Yeah, I could certainly use the tips on writing. I waited 30 some years after school to ever sit down and actually write anything other than a few songs and a poem or two. I pretty much know what you mean about feeling the need to express things in print. And, I really love your style…yeah…start a Writing Blog… that would be great. I would definitely be a patron.Have a good one.

  3. Story Creator Says:

    Hello there! You can link to me in your blog roll and I’ll be adding you to my own. Thanks a ton!

    Respectfully Yours,
    Story Creator

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