All of the information that I have created on this blog, ie, my creative information – writing, stories, poetry, pictures, anecdotes I consider my copyright.  My photography is my own copyright and cannot be copied, republished, reprinted or used in any other way.  Excluding WordPress themes and additions, my creative information cannot be used for commercial or profit-making exercises other than for my own.

The ideas and writings on these pages are entirely my own and are not meant to offend, vilify or influence in any way. I would appreciate the input of others with the intention of offering their own work, of which is their own copywrite, their critique or useful hints. From time to time I shall add useful hints and links in my blog pages – using these links is the user’s accepted risk and although I try to choose the most reputable sites available I cannot endorse the accuracy of all of the information accessed.


2 Responses to “Conditions”

  1. Thaumauturgist Says:

    I write too! Check my blog out and subscribe if you want to.

  2. eharker Says:

    Can I copy and paste this and add to my blog so nobody can write a book using my stuff or something (LOL) without my permission? Is this legal and binding? Please let me know…

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