Sarah’s diary

Today feels just like yesterday. And the day before. Nothing exciting has happened to me in ages, I just sit in my room and stare out the window. Or at the computer, which is what I’m doing at the moment.

Shouldn’t even be on the computer. Should be doing my homework. How am I supposed to do my homework without my goddamn computer! Mum reckons I’m a genius and can figure it out.

I’m sick of having no life. It was alright a month ago when I had a boyfriend and we did stuff. Now he’s got on with my so called best friend, and they are doing stuff. Probably the same stuff we did. I try not to think about it. It makes me really angry.

Tomorrow’s Saturday and I’m supposed to be going out with my family to bowling. Mum wants to do family stuff, but I’m over it. We had a big fight and I said I hated living here, and I wanted to move out. Mum says I have to leave school and get a job or I can’t afford to move out. I’m too young to get a job. Mum thinks she knows everything, but I’ll get a job and move out when I finish school.

My other friend Kelly sms’d me and said they were going to hang out in the mall next Saturday. I want to go, because Ben’s going. Maybe he’ll be sick of Katie by then and ask me out again. Mum says I shouldn’t be worrying about that because I have school and exams. She says there is plenty of time for that later. What’s later? When I’m old like my brother? He’s at uni and he still hasn’t got a girlfriend. He says he can’t afford one because girls cost a lot of money and expect him to buy stuff for them. I think he’s gay. He just won’t admit it, because dad will hit the roof. My uncle Steve is gay. He’s funny and buys me stuff when I see him. He bought me a puppy for my thirteenth birthday. I wanted one for ages, but Mum wouldn’t get one because she said she would end up having to look after it herself. She hit the roof, but now Spencer sleeps on her bed and gets sent to the groomer every two weeks. I don’t even get to take him for a walk anymore. I asked Uncle Steve for a cat for my next birthday. He said he will get me a Siamese cat, like he’s got. I can’t wait.