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I guess this page is about me. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check my blog out. This blog will mostly be devoted to one of my loves in my life, writing. My other loves of photography, art, my husband and my beloved pets will no doubt all grace these pages every now and again when something notable, inspiring or funny happens and it’s worth writing about.
I am undoubtedly on a journey of sorts, finding my way through life, learning from my mistakes and even successes. I find I learn more by my mistakes and there have been a few. So therefore I must conclude that I am a very learned person!
I grew up in the usual way, developing skills and learning about life as only a child could do and I learned to be adventurous and courageous. I tried to make the most out of my life even if it seemed to be the pits at times. I was lucky enough to have had a progressive mother who worked, was outspoken and reasonably independent. I developed an opinion about most things. I have always done what I have wanted to do and tried to do things that people have said that I shouldn’t do just to prove that I could. I have sometimes felt the fear and as I have moved through it I have realised that fear itself needs to be conquered to move along and grow a little more.
Illness has thwarted me. A brain tumour a few years ago knocked me down to the point total dependency for a period of time. I think you can only live life in this way for so long and then something has to give. You either give up or you get going. Life is to be lived and no matter what the circumstance it can be improved in some way.  I went on to improve in health and I got a better education. I went to college and to university and learned self-confidence along with a few other useful skills.
I have a loving husband who supports me in my ventures and tries not to look surprised when I ‘brief’ him on a new endeavour or eccentricity. He has become an avid dog-lover and talks to our loving fur-balls like they were human beings. I come from a long line of fur-ball fanatics so this is to be expected from anybody who has had to live with my pet peculiarities over a long period of time. Having said that, my pets enjoy a great lifestyle that would be envied by the Queen’s Corgis. It goes without saying that my husband enjoys a similar lifestyle although he has been known to cook for himself.
I also took up photography a few years ago and I am currently experimenting on all and sundry, portraits and landscapes, natural light, studio light, portraits and anything in between.  If I can impart some useful information or I have an interesting or funny story about my adventures to impart, you can be sure they will end up here.
My son, another love, has no idea of what I have started here and would be mortified that I have even mentioned him in a web blog. So at present it’s quite cloak and dagger. Names will be changed to protect the innocent and paranoid.
My last love is my motorcycle, Lucy. An acquisition about eight years ago after I outgrew my smaller bike, Lucy is a lovely 650 cc cruiser. I have been riding now for a few years and I’m sure that I will be inspired in my travels to fill these pages with some snippets of information that may in turn inspire my readers to get a bit of wind in their own hair and some peace in their souls.
‘Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.’  E.L. Doctorow

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  1. aifric Says:

    Great blog 🙂

  2. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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