The politics of journalism

I generally don’t write a lot about our politics on these pages.  I’m not a political writer but then again I don’t pretend to be – unlike some of the so-called biased and overrated ‘journalists’ gadding about under the impression that fiction is always greater than the real thing if it is going to gather an impressive audience.

There are not a lot of good political writers left anymore. The few who are tend to be drowned out by the new-breed right-leaning champions of the wealthy, powerful and influential.  From what I have seen lately, this new abhorrent, peasant-hating crop have swung so far to the right they now have a permanent droop.  The few good journalists we have left are often too scared to write a decent, honest piece lest they become the next sacrificial lamb with the more-than-dubious credentials in reporting and are never allowed to work anywhere anytime in the foreseeable future.

Larger news corporations have undoubtedly managed to acquire more than their fair share of the say in what is pumped out to the masses and it is usually whatever is in the best interests of the larger news corporations and all of their vested interests.  Vested interests generally include the most amicable political grouping in line with their intended long-term goals.  Hence our current dilemma.

Our political system is in disarray and our politicians unworthy of the job they have been elected to do.  But you will hear nothing of the sort from the media.  Apparently they are doing a great job and the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, the sick, the ordinary worker and taxpayer will just have to suck it up because they are doing it for the good of us all.  Our right-wing politicians are untouchable while the left fall by the wayside and are crucified.

The majority of the media in this country are therefore compromised and will negate any inroads that tend to swing the pendulum towards a more undesirable outcome for the larger news corporations.  We are seeing a failing democracy under the guise that big business is the only way forward and will eventually be of benefit to all – but at this present moment in time, as one percent of the world’s population controls approximately ninety percent of the world’s wealth I fail to see how the ‘benefit to all’ is eventually going to ‘trickle down’.

It is time to change the rules of the game.


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