Dad revisited

Dad got a phone call recently from a Foxtel representative extolling the virtues of their new whiz-bang IQ3 entertainment system that he simply had to have despite the fact that he already had an older system of theirs which was working well.  He latched onto it immediately of course.  If anybody knows my father they know that if it’s new and it’s shiny he just has to have it even if he doesn’t know what it is.  For the two weeks he had to wait for it to arrive we all heard about this new and exciting system he was getting on more than one occasion.

I was covertly giving him a wide berth until he called to tell me that it had been installed and I had to go down there as soon as I could to put the key code in for his Internet to be connected to his new Foxtel.  I decided that ‘to be forewarned was to be forearmed’ in this case and I rang the local installer to find out exactly what had occurred during the installation.  I think I could hear him scratching his head as he told me that he had installed almost the same system for Dad as he already had except this one had an Internet connection and he didn’t know what a ninety-year-old was going to do with an Internet connection.  I didn’t either but I was pretty sure Dad would think of something if he pressed the wrong button.

I got the Internet going and showed Dad how to use his new technically-savvy remote control and left him to it.  He was hopping with excitement and pressing buttons before I hit the front door.  I rang Mum when I got home and I had an each-way bet with her on him calling me the next day because he’d pressed something he shouldn’t have.

Technically I lost that bet because he called Mum 24 hours later and told her he didn’t want it, he couldn’t work out how to use it, he had pressed the wrong button and he had ended up with a couple of movies that he had apparently ‘bought’.  He wanted me to organise a cancellation of Foxtel, a return of the IQ3 and a complete cancellation of his account.  I must be psychic.

I eventually sorted it all out with a threatening phone call to Foxtel asking them never to ring my father again as he was ninety years old and nearly deaf and he didn’t understand what he was getting into.  If they wanted to argue the point they could talk to my solicitor and see who came out looking better at the end of the day.  I then tuned Dad’s television into all the new free-to-air stations he wasn’t getting and left him to it.  He gets so many new stations now for free that he says he wonders why he didn’t give Foxtel away years ago.

Mum has just informed me that he is talking about buying a recorder for his favourite free programs.

I can’t wait.


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