So, what of it?

I think about a lot of things.  How things work, why things are the way they are, where we come from.  I read books on evolution and ancient man and subscribe to Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Having said that, I also understand that a theory is a collection of ideas intended to explain something and only based on the evidence or current views at hand.  Tomorrow may yield more palaeontological evidence that takes us down a completely different track.

Not even two hundred years ago it was believed that the earth was just a few thousand years old, everything was created as it is today in that time and that Earth was the centre of the universe.  Before that we were convinced that the earth was flat and we would fall off the edge if we got too close.  Enlightenment brought with it new and scandalous ideas.  Tomorrow there will be new theories to undermine the seemingly solid evidence of ancient man, his descent from the trees and his ascent to the modern Homo sapiens of today.

I puzzle over modern man and his idiosyncrasies.  Where did some of the shit we carry around come from?  I wonder if man’s propensity for hate, war, murder and anger is a remnant of the ancient brain geared for survival of the fittest in the inhospitable and dangerous stone-age world.  Millions of years of living in a savage environment, scratching out a meagre existence and fighting for survival would surely be ingrained into man’s genetics in some way over a very long period of time and come into play more often than the more ‘civilised’ of us would care to admit.

So I’m going to burn in hell for my opinions.  I’ve taken my ‘don’t-give -a-shit pill today so I don’t care.  There may even be a God.  I’m open to the conjecture of a higher entity of sorts running the show from beginning to end.  I’ve seen things that even quantum physics may not be able to explain – but I’m practical and world weary.  I fail to understand many of the religions of the world and what they propose.  I see the bigger picture around me every day in the actions and the reactions of the many involved in the game.

I have a few questions and theories of my own regarding the way it was, will be and very well may be in the distant future.  Scientific theory is only as good as the next big thing ripped out of the earth.  Nothing survives for extremely long periods of time, not even bone, and therefore what is dug out of the earth is but a small representation of what has gone before.  We have no real way of knowing what really happened, so we hypothesise and postulate but the truth still eludes us.  The same may be said of religions.  What is real and what is not?  Old stories and evidence abound but they are at odds with each other, steeped in centuries of secrets, violence and intrigue.  Religion has been, in the past, a way of controlling the masses through dominance and fear and the only congruent factor on the road to absolution is a belief in a higher being or entity – salvation, love and peace, which, in my opinion, is at odds with the pain, violence and intolerance that precedes it.

So what is real and what isn’t?  Who knows.  What I do know is that the world could use a good shake up.  We are only players in a bigger story.  Why expend valuable energy carrying the can for heresay?  Why believe in what has gone before implicitly?

Question everything.  If that is not possible, practice contraception.  The world could use a little less of what has gone before.


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