… and the saga continues…

It all kicked off.. as per previous posting.. with the rather innocuous subject of a few mozzies and methods of eradication in the local area and quickly blew out into a standoff between the island Green contingent and a few pissed off residents who live peacefully enough until provocation is turned into a proctology experiment and shoved up their nether regions.

Round two began when the local Progress Association decided that their opinion actually mattered, despite their lack of progress in any direction for the last few years – and chimed in with a few comments of their own that were swinging towards the draconian in regard to walking around in the dark, using lanterns and not driving cars anywhere so as not to pollute the environment.  This of course, was quickly contended, as I, and a few others around here felt that having a few rights as ratepayers – and a few lights around the place was not too much to ask for.  The Progress Associations’ commonsense was also questioned, as having more lights would actually help in being able to ‘see’ the wildlife –  before running them down in our modern, non-polluting vehicles.  There was also the added bonus of not stepping on any deadly snakes and falling down drains in the dark if one was not lucky enough to have a modern non-polluting vehicle.

Of course the poo hit the blender again and splattered in all directions as everything from council pot holes to the island ferry service came under fire.  Everybody had an opinion and a rebuttal, which all eventually descended into denigration post-haste after the pot was stirred continually with innuendo and gossip about personal habits.  The greens’  ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ ideology came under fire as comparisons to ‘Coronation Street’ were made on the lifestyles of the insane and definitely-not-so-famous island dwellers.

The final straw for yours truly and the catalyst for pressing that ‘delete group’ button came when the so-called educated lot began to show a distinct lack of  education by beginning a class-comparison exercise and posting an unrelated topic on how many university-educated-and-above lived on the island.  This was of course followed en masse by evidence of university degrees, how many, when done and how embarrassing it was to have to say so for the greater good of island statistics.

I for one know how many degrees I have – two.  Along with two diplomas and a few certifications.  I don’t need to clarify this to anybody else for the greater good.  I was there to do the study and the hard yards, not anybody else.  I have nothing to prove.  It would seem that for others, however, it is a power play and a social-separation exercise that is designed to make others look small and possibly feel small.  This was not the act of intelligence.  It was the final act of insecurity by an insecure lot of numb-skulls prepared to stoop low enough to win something that will be forgotten by me, and the majority of the population, next week.


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