Much ado about what?

It all started innocently enough.

A  comment or two on our Facebook community page about the problem of excessive mozzies on the island and some semi-helpful advice about what to do to eradicate the tiny terrorists – and the poo hits the blender.

‘Mozziegate’, as I like to call it now, began with the aforementioned general discussion and by the time it had finished I was throwing down the gauntlet to one particularly insulting individual who felt that along with telling us that we were all a pack of whingers and we should just suck it up without the aid of harmful repellents and pesticides –  it was also okay to post away hourly after that with innuendos about other chat participants’ mental processing capabilities.

Unfortunately, the above individual is affiliated with the  ‘Green’ contingent dotted about the island.  As they are living alternatively in this alternate-living environment, they feel that it is necessary to point out conservation, green issues, living clean and saving-the-whale stuff to the rest of us who should know better.  I, for the most part, ignore them, as I am reasonably aware of what I need to do in life without having it shoved up my nose every five minutes – but like most species, the Green-agitator is at his most annoying with a bit of bravado in a pack, so it has been game-on around here for a while now and my patience is wearing pretty thin.

To be honest, I was doing well to ignore the nutter and had planned on turning the other cheek until the wife joined the fray and asked us all to be fair and nice to each other which, incidentally, we were all doing quite well with until her husband put his oar in.

I told her as much and I also told her that as they knew where I lived, they were quite welcome to come around and discuss it with me personally – my husband would love to meet a man who used the anonymity of  a social networking medium to bully others.

In the scheme of things, however, Shakespeare was right.  It all really is ‘much ado about nothing’ and unless you can grasp that concept, your life will be like the above-mentioned scenario in varying formats.  Get a grip, I say, and write a blog about it all to get it into perspective and get it off your chest.  It’s much more cathartic than a few pills and a pine box.  The added bonus is that even though the names have been changed or not even mentioned to protect the innocent and/or insane, it’s nice to get it out there.  You know who you are…. you green-backed fruitcake.


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