Pffftttt! to you

My husband decided he would improve the ambience of our bathroom a few weeks ago.   I’m not quite sure how he thought he could do that, as we had the bathroom renovated about 18 months ago and I was quite satisfied with the outcome.  I didn’t have a functioning toilet for three weeks during construction, but that’s another blog.  It all ended well with a little help from the public toilet block two streets away and a finished, fancy, up-to-date Beautiful Homes design with a spa that I could have done the backstroke in.  There was nothing that it needed.

My husband apparently thought differently and being the fan of gadgets that he was, couldn’t resist the latest odour-fighting accessory that had been doing the rounds on the ad breaks between the 6 o’clock news and CSI Miami.  A fancy, battery-operated, movement-sensing fragrance squirter was just the thing, in his opinion, to fight off those lingering nasties that we all live with but don’t talk about.

I wasn’t altogether convinced of it’s authenticity and besides, I had a stash of essential oils, essential-oil soy candles and enough incense sticks to last me, so I was good to go for at least 10 years.

Still, it found it’s way into the bathroom and onto a ledge about three feet above my head so I couldn’t reach it to get rid of it even if I had wanted to – so it stayed put and every now and then it would emit a  lemon-scented hiss whenever anyone or anything got within cooee of it.

For the first few days I found myself looking around for large, scuttling things and checking the doors and windows before it twigged.  It was particularly disconcerting on the first evening being confronted by some wild, spitting beast hiding in the toilet bowl.  I have a vivid imagination when half asleep and under duress and it took me at least two hours to settle down after leaping around in the dark and getting a good workout before my husband turned the light on.

He might not think it’s so funny after he steps on that squeaker that I’m putting at his side of the bed when he goes for his afternoon nap after an all-nighter next weekend.


4 Responses to “Pffftttt! to you”

  1. jodi Says:

    That is just too funny. Leave to a man to try to improve on something that is already good. You should hide a video camera to catch his reaction to the surprise you left him and then post it on Facebook…. LOL

  2. Barb Says:

    I can’t believe it – my husband bought one of those hissing menaces, too! He put it as high up on the wall as possible, so I can’t reach it. It has scared me out of my wits on several occasions, but I’m used to it now. Even so, every once in a while, it still manages to startle me. Now the red light is blinking and I have no idea what that means! I hope it means the battery is about to run out. 🙂

    • writemystuff Says:

      You are right.. they are menaces. It still freaks me out in the middle of the night. I can’t wait for that light to go red… I think it does mean the battery is running out and I’m too short to reach it to change it 🙂

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