The vet lament 2

vetpayMy dog is back from the vet’s.  Not the million-dollar dog.. the other dog, the healthy one – but he’s fast racking up points to take the crown for the-most-money-I’ve-ever-spent-at-the-vet’s award in the foreseeable future.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my dogs and I would spend a small fortune to ensure their quality of life was probably better than mine but I’m starting to believe that some vets aren’t in it for the love of the job any more.

It’s been a long time since I have seen a vet give a freebie to a heart-broken, penniless dog lover who couldn’t afford even the smallest of comforts for their sick or dying companion. This is one of the many reasons that I absconded from the last veterinarian’s establishment a few years ago. They had grown too big for their own good and the almighty dollar was like the holy grail enshrined in the back room of the practice.

Anyway, back to the dog at hand and the fees and charges.  Apart from the arm and leg that was extracted from my wallet, I was charged two consultation fees for two ongoing days, extra charges for extra blood tests and fungus scrapings and two overnight stays with food when my dog was only there for one night. Good thing we caught the last one on the long itemised printout before we left and managed to get a refund.

Once again, my only consolations were the love of my dog and a good pet insurance plan. We will get a good portion of that back in the coming weeks, which is a good thing because he is being booked back in for ongoing consultations and weekly injections for a skin irritation that can’t be cured with a couple of drops and a few tablets.

I haven’t told him yet as he is busy milking the woe-is-me song for all it’s worth and enjoying all the attention.


4 Responses to “The vet lament 2”

  1. Barb Says:

    I used to work as a kennel tech for a busy 24-hour emergency clinic, and I can honestly tell you that there are many caring, compassionate veterinarians out there. Unfortunately, they get too many sob stories from people who are only trying to save a few bucks, so it’s hard for them to discern who’s really in need – and who isn’t. I think that’s why so few offer pro bono services to the public; however, many work behind the scenes, offering free or discount services via their local animal shelters and rescues. For all the people who pay their bills there are so many who don’t – and unfortunately, that’s another reason vet fees are so high. I recently switched vets to find one that is much more affordable, so do your homework – they don’t all charge the same.

    • writemystuff Says:

      Yeh, I hear what you are saying. I used to have a lovely vet many years ago who got swallowed up by the company he worked for as they got bigger. He left in disgust and went somewhere out into the country. Good vets are hard to come by and I don’t think there are many in my vicinity of any note. The feedback that I have had from others in my area are pretty negative about the vets in my area. As I live on an island, it is difficult to find one close by that thinks past their next mortgage payment.

  2. Jodi Says:

    Oh, how true that is. If I could go back I would have definitely gone to school to be a vet

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