Dog days

vet2I took my dog to the vet today. Again.

I take my dogs to the vet more than I go to my general practitioner.  And they cost a whole lot more than a general consultation.

Ruby, my beautiful Bichon Frise, has a regular appointment for a urinalysis and an anal gland check. Yes I know, too much information, so I will just call it a wee and a bum squeeze and leave the rest to the imagination.

I’m on a first-name basis with my vet these days. Considering that I probably paid a good portion of her mortgage in the first half of last year, it is not surprising but she still insists that I collect the urine sample myself.  The logic of this escapes me, as the end result is the same and she’s the one getting paid.

For the privilege of the do-it-yourself urine collection, I have to follow my poor dog around with a small tray for days before I can catch her in the act.  She’s become so paranoid lately that not even her favourite treat can coax her ‘to go’ when I am within a twenty-metre range of her back end.  A recent attempt resulted in urine everywhere but in the designated receptacle and a spooked dog who wouldn’t come near me for 24 hours.

I’m surprised that I haven’t been asked to perform the ‘bum squeeze’ myself but there’s a surcharge for that one so I guess I won’t be standing in the way of a profit anytime in the near future – for which I am extremely grateful.

My dog, for her part, conducts herself reasonably well, although she does try to crawl under the table and hide the moment she walks in the door.  She’s seen enough bum action in the last few months and she knows what’s coming, so I can’t blame her. It’s the aftermath that’s the problem.

She won’t talk to me for hours after we get home.  I guess she feels a bit ‘put out’ and wants to share it around. Whoever said that a dog can’t reason or understand has obviously never owned a dog.

She is off the hook next month. I have to take her brother, Angus, in for a teeth clean. As he is the drama queen of the pair, I can’t wait for the epilogue.


9 Responses to “Dog days”

  1. Says:

    If you have to get the urine, you need to get a new place to go…That’s awful – and then you have to transport it….

    • writemystuff Says:

      yep.. and it’s not an easy task..considering I live on an island and the vet lives on the mainland. I should charge her for labour and cleaning costs 🙂

  2. jodi Says:

    Another great post! Keep them coming I love your style of writing and your sense of humor:)

  3. Riley Says:

    Great post!!! I’ve asked the vet if my dog can work there part time to help reduce his medical costs 🙂

  4. Barb Says:

    Hahahaha! Great post – I laughed till I cryed with this one. I have a Bichon Bolognese and get the very same “silent treatment” when he comes home from the groomer and the kennel. And if a dog could pout, he can – they most certainly have distinct personalities.

    • writemystuff Says:

      They sure do. Mine tend to sulk a lot. Things change when the dinner is in the bowls though. I’m their best friend, even if only momentarily. 🙂

      • Write My Stuff Says:

        Oh yes, my dog Malcolm loves dinner time! He also loves pizza night, and is more than willing to clean up the cheese shreds that happen to land on the floor. 😀

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