Oh.. for the love of .. something else.

mediaI’m up late. Well, in my part of the world it’s late.  I sometimes have nothing better to do, you know, then to trawl the net, catch up on the news and annoy the rellies.

I’ve been trying to keep away from the television and the Internet media but it’s been unavoidable, and I have to say… who is Oscar Pistorius? Oscar Piss.. who??

Mr Piss, as I like to call him, is all I have seen plastered all over the media and in my face for the better part of a week now and I’m a tad over it all.  I didn’t even know the guy a short time ago and now I’m getting up close and personal without even prying.. er, trying.

Fair enough, the guy did a bad thing, apparently, for those of us that believe in ‘guilty before proven innocent’ and it was definitely a tragedy of epic proportions for a young girl and her family but give me a break. What makes it so newsworthy?

The media just love a good scandal.  The mighty falling, the tall poppies, etc.  It’s like watching starving dogs fight over a nasty-tasting bone.  Who’s telling the best story, what happened before the murder, what happened after the event and what is going to happen in the future?  Like I care two figs.

Why are some people sucked into it? Are our lives so sad that we need to feast on the misfortune of others to feel good about ourselves?  The media must think we are a fetid, uneducated lot, sitting in front of our televisions, picking our toenails and dreaming about having the crap shot out of us while we are hiding in a bathroom from an alleged lunatic. I know that’s what I dream about every night… not.

Let’s be real. The world is full of crap.  People get shot up, cut up, chewed up and spat out every day.  It’s just not noteworthy news if your ass isn’t noteworthy.

The tragedy of the abovementioned story is that it is about a disabled man who became a champion who made the most of his disability.  But he won’t be remembered for any of that anymore.  He’s stuffed up his life and the lives of others but that’s getting in the way of a good story.

Bring back Good News Week with Paul McDermott and I will be a happy woman.  At least then we can poke fun at the pratts of media, see humour in the mundane and shake the gloom and doom off of our collective apathetic backs for a while.


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