It’s a bug’s life.. not

sandflyI live on an island. I may have mentioned it before, but as not many people get to live on peaceful island surrounded by beaches only a stone’s throw away from a major city, I thought I would rub it in.

It does have a downside of course, as with anything. The commute to work on the mainland can be a grind but as I work at home on my computer, it doesn’t count in the con list. Bugs on the other hand, score high on the list of annoying-things-I’d-like-to-change-but-can’t items on the agenda.

I consider myself a reasonable person – at times. I am able to negotiate and mediate with the best of them, but I can’t abide by bugs, especially those nasty little suckers we call sand flies, which I guess come from the sand that surrounds this pleasant island – and multiply rapidly if the climate and conditions are right for breeding.

These little black irritants bring out the worst in me and the worst in my delicate extremities in the aforementioned breeding conditions. Some years it’s worse than others and I can find myself running the gauntlet of clouds of the pesky things as I duck and weave from the car to the ferry. I never get through it unscathed and as I am allergic to the tiny marauders, I look like I have an infectious disease a few hours after the assault.

I’ve tried a lot of different things, even more so since I discovered that it is not an actual ‘bite’ that they are inflicting, but a bodily function that they are excreting onto my skin. Yes, that’s right. They are peeing on me. Gives the idea of the ‘golden shower’ a whole new evolutionary meaning.

I actually did a small amount of research on this pesky predator on the Internet and the jury is still out as to whether it actually pees on you or bites  you and sucks your blood. Either way, it’s going down in my books as the bug to beat on the scale of irritation and misery.

I am at this present moment scratching my new wounds down my left arm and feet, while two openly infected wounds fester on my right wrist. I am hiding behind my double-screen doors and windows, sprays and bug zapping implements of destruction while the masses dissipate for another season.

I’m looking forward to the end of the humidity and a return to a semblance of normality around here when I’m not scratching more than my dog.

Then all I will have to worry about are the mozzies, snakes and the spiders. But that’s another story.


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