The bucket list

I’m thinking about putting a new list together of my goals or a ‘bucket list’ of sorts and do something about them before I’m too old to enjoy it.

I was going through some of my old stuff in some forgotten old boxes, as I do at times when I’m feeling nostalgic and I came across an old list that I had put together a few years ago when my husband and I had just met. Yes, I keep things that long. Even though my husband tries his best to have spring cleans every other year, I’m what you might call a ‘Bowerbird’. Bowerbirds, for the uninitiated, are apparently unique to the Australian and New Guinea regions and are birds that like to collect things to build elaborate nests with. Just like me except I’ve never been to New Guinea. I can hang onto things for years. Just like that old list.

Some of the things I had included on that list were having a house on the beach, getting married, being financially secure, having a nice car and being healthy. Right now I have a house on an island that is surrounded by a beach so I got pretty close. I got married to that wonderful man I had written about all those years ago, we are financially stable, but not rich and I have a nice car and a motorbike as an added bonus.

Four out of the five is not too bad.

It’s funny how a battle with ill-health can change your perspective on things though.

Not long after I wrote that list I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and my life changed completely after the subsequent surgery. I was, and I still remain, dependent upon drugs to keep me alive and my aspirations of good health became a thing of the past. Just getting up in the mornings and getting through each day while working around my physical limitations was an achievement and a goal to aim for.

I’ve gradually improved even though I’ve had things to work around. I wouldn’t say it has been easy but it’s been life changing and in some ways it has made me work harder for the things that I have achieved. If it weren’t for my illness I may not have achieved those things at all.

When I was well enough I went back to college and then university. I even went back to work and got back on a motorbike again. I changed jobs, graduated from university, studied other things and even got a bigger motor bike.

So based on the above foundation and my recent review in the dust, I have decided to put this new list together.

I’m going to get through this latest course and do something with it, like work from home so that I can move onto some other goals. I’m going to get a passport (finally) and stroll down the Champs Elysees in Paris, check out the Mona Lisa and visit Monet’s gardens. I’m going to get my eyes lasered so I don’t have to squint anymore, even with glasses on so I can actually see the Mona Lisa. I’m going on more motorcycle road trips. I’m going to relax a little more and smell the roses and the sea air that surrounds me. I’m going to spend more time with people that matter – like my husband – and less time worrying about people who don’t matter. I’m going to be wiser and more tolerant of less-than-perfect. I might even practice more patience. I’m going to wake up each morning and no matter how crappy I feel try to plant those feet on the floor and be grateful for at least one thing  before I stand up.

Time has definitely changed me. While I still have the wants I feel more inclined to  be taking care of what I really need.


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