We’ve lost the plot

I was flicking through my Foxtel cable channels the other evening in an effort to find something interesting to watch, without too much success.  As I’m not an avid watcher of everything that is going – including reality television, which I detest – it can get frustrating trying to find something that might meet the criteria.

I settled for a documentary based on the plight of the African lion which, if I believed what the commentator was saying, would be practically extinct in less than a generation if we didn’t do something to save them. They offered suggestions on what could be done, from protecting their environment to stopping the locals from poisoning the lions to save their cattle. The answer to me was glaringly obvious.

Get rid of the human pestilence, and what’s left of the ‘other’ part of the animal kingdom might stand a good chance of survival.

Let’s face it, we don’t really have a good track record for actually saving things. We tend destroy our natural environment in an effort to make ourselves at home in it, to the significant detriment of any other unfortunate species that might be perfectly okay with the way that things are, and have been for many millions of years.

I realise that these are harsh criticisms to flop around willie-nillie about my fellow human beings, but nonetheless on-the-money when you consider what we have done and the evidence to back it up. We are, in truth, one of the most successful species ever to have walked the face of this planet. I don’t say we are the only successful species, as there would be others that have been quite a bit more successful, if you take the ability to reason and verbal communication out of the equation. The dinosaurs, for example, ruled the earth for millions of years only to be all but wiped out by an alleged meteorite impact, and crocodiles and cockroaches – well, they are still here. The trouble with us is that our capacity to reason becomes unreasonably biased without proper adherence to what has come before us.

We upset the balance and make unreasonable demands on the natural laws. We overpopulate, we over-farm, we are over-the-top.

I agree that I myself am also part of the problem, but at least I am aware of it. Sadly, the majority don’t care, and we will keep on going until there is nothing left to sustain the immense population that the earth struggles to manage even now.

I have one very good idea that may appear radical and slightly unhinged, but my reasoning is sound. The birth toll exceeds the death toll. Modern medicine has the capacity to keep us alive longer and save otherwise  unhealthy and ill people, such as myself, who might have died. I’m not complaining, that’s for sure, I’m still here to get on my soapbox occasionally. What I am saying is that the increasing population is THE problem.

Seriously, has anybody ever thought about birth control?

Especially for those who can least afford more children, and continue to bring children into a world of misery, poverty, illness and suffering.

Forget about donating money to the overseas nations in an effort to give them a better life. Give them birth control. Educate them as to the long term effects of bringing children into their already overpopulated regions.

Sure, we are ingrained to breed, that is our right. But surely commonsense has to prevail eventually.

So kick me out of the room. I’m a non-player. But I’m not going to sit back and watch the world – which still has it’s moments of brilliance and breathtaking beauty – eat itself alive because of the actions of one of the most self-centred, destructive and dangerous creatures ever to walked the face of this planet.


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