MT trenches

Well I’m still hard at it banging away on the keyboard and listening to the warblings of some supposed medical professionals that could’ve also taken an elective at university to improve their grammar somewhat, judging by what I’ve been subjected to these last few months.

Yes, I’m still raving about the MT training course that I have embarked upon in an attempt  to join the ranks of other MTs world-wide that work from the luxury their own homes. At some level I must be committed to my own suffering, because this stuff has been harder than any university study that I have completed in the past.

Having said that, I’m hoping that my time and training in the MT trenches is going to improve my skills to the point that employment from the home is a probability rather than the vague possibility it was a year ago when I started to look at giving the whole ‘commuting in the rat race’ thing the big flick.

The training consists of quite a few modules, half theory and the other half practical. I’m nearing the last module of the course now, the dreaded last practicum module, or ACC – Advanced Acute Care – to the layman. I’m ten months into the course, with anther two months to go to complete this last module and sit the final examination.

Sadly, I fear it isn’t going to be enough time.

I’m a stickler for timetables and order. I’ve run offices in the past and had to develop a fair amount of discipline while I was studying as well to prioritise my time, and mud tends to stick, so to speak. Time management was paramount then, and still is now, but no matter how I look at it, I can work my butt off for the next couple of months and get the last module finished, but still not leave myself enough time to study for, and sit, the final examination.

A dilemma? A disaster? It could be. But perhaps not. If I pay just a little extra money I can buy myself some extra time to complete my finals with ease.

I sure hope that I make enough money when I get out of here to pay for the course and all the extras along the way.

I’ve been assured that there is plenty of work, so you can expect in future posts to hear all about my progress, although I will be bound by the privacy rules and regulations, and names, dates, and experiences will be changed to protect the innocent, namely myself, from litigation.


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