motorcycle mamma

I went out for a bike ride today, which is something in itself, as I haven’t really been on my motorbike since before an operation in late September last year.

I was in a state of nervous excitement as I donned my jacket and gathered all my implements together for the ride, practically a checklist of motorcycling safety that my husband insists on if I am to battle for some wheel space with the rest of the nutters. The Kevlar reinforced jacket, the steel capped knee-high boots, the padded gloves and of course, the all important helmet.

It was, of course, exhilarating to feel the wind swirling around me as I sped along the highway again. Personally, I’d prefer to have the wind in my hair as well, but the wearing of helmets is compulsory in these parts. I can understand their reasoning. I’d rather lose a limb than part of my grey matter if worse came to worse. As much as I would like to be the complete ‘easy rider’, I’m not completely insane.

Some of my fellow travellers today were obviously not as committed to my personal safety as I was, as I had to dodge two 4wd’s, one truck that ran a red light, a woman who walked into the middle of the road having a conversation on her mobile, and a tradie who lost his load of guttering all over the road in front of me. In the last instance, I was lucky I was not impaled by a 3 metre long piece of guttering fascia flying towards me. I guess it’s reasonably safe to say that I have good reflexes.

All of this doesn’t put me off though. Not all my days are like this. I have some great rides where everything runs smoothly and nobody has my number implanted on their bumper bar. Having said that, even on the good days it always pays to be prepared for anything and remain paranoid.


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