I’ve been a little cranky for the past few days and feeling somewhat argumentative. I warned my husband I was feeling out of sorts, so he made himself scarce, especially in the mornings when I am generally in wicked witch mode even when I am feeling accommodating.

I felt the angst lift a little today and commented on it to aforementioned disappearing husband, and he has his own theory on my erratic behaviour.

There’s a full moon about.

After consideration of this rather non-analytic statement, coming from somebody that has a history of practical and logical observation before action, I may have to concede that it may have some merit.

I’ve worked with a few different psychiatrists in an administrative capacity over the years, and I have been privvy to some really unusual and bizarre happenings around the cycles of the full moon that may not be apparent at other times. I swear that one psychiatrist that I worked for factored a few extra hours into her diary around a full moon just in case it was needed. Another stated that extra caution was always employed in psychiatric wards around a full moon, as patients appeared to be more unsettled and unpredictable for no apparent reason.

A simple explanation would be that it is a known fact that the moon affects the tides, ie, bodies of water. As we are all made up of a serious amount of fluid, then I guess it is logical to expect that we would be affected by the moon in subtle ways that we don’t understand, or even realise.

A more detailed explanation may be that I am experiencing a fluctuation in hormones, coupled with underlying anxiety issues that pertain to living in a society full of expectation, want, disease, and nuclear devices.

Sadly, I can’t blame my irrational behaviour on hormones. I don’t have a pituitary, or natural hormones as a consequence. Theoretically, I should be the calmest person on the planet if I’m flatlining on the emotional hormonal highway, but it couldn’t be that simple.

So right now I will go with the theory of least resistance, and if I have an occasional rant here that is removed from my usual soap-box style attacks on banks, politicians, consumerism, or my relatives, then please feel free to check out the status of the cycle of the moon, and keep an eye on the weirdo next door.


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