Just another day

I went out today. This was more of an achievement than an actual social event, considering that I live on an island and there is a lot of precision planning involved in getting ready in time to get out the door to drive the car to the ferry, catch the ferry and walk to the other car on the mainland to get to my actual destination. I find that it is just as well that I am studying a course online at home, and not actually committing myself by commuting to and from work each day, because I don’t know how I would survive it.

I also forgot to mention that my necessary outing was hampered by rain. Not just any rain mind you, but torrential rain and near cyclonic winds. My precision planning became even more regimental as I went about outfitting myself in the necessary wet-weather gear and equipment suitable for what was now turning out to be an epic journey.

I managed to amble from my house to my car as best as I could, geared up in wet-weather overalls, my husband’s cyclone coat, gumboots, plastic wrapping around my carry-bags, and a giant umbrella given to me by my mother. It was hard-going getting from the car to the ferry, but I managed it without getting blown off the jetty and poking a fellow passenger’s eye out with my giant umbrella.

On the mainland the wind changed direction, and my 5-minute walk to the car became approximately 20 minutes, as my giant umbrella wrapped itself around me and then a nearby tree,  scuttling off into the distance and nearly taking out a motorcyclist as he rounded the corner. I beat a hasty retreat before I could become the victim of a near-miss litigation case, and headed for the car.

I made it to the car in reasonably good shape. At least I was dry from the head down.

I managed to make it to my destination unscathed too, considering I was nearly run off the road by a woman trying to evade some other poor soul’s giant umbrella as it rolled erratically by us and into the mist. I felt a pang of remorse and stifled the urge to give her the bird as I darted past her and into the shopping centre carpark.

I loaded myself up with the essentials, and then some, and prepared myself for the elements once again. Outside I was greeted with a slight breeze and the sun making a surprise appearance through the clouds. Not wanting to take any chances, I made a beeline for the carpark and the ferry terminal, where I was presented with a new dilemma. Die of heat exhaustion wearing kilos of wet-weather gear, or find a suitable places to cram it all, in order to get it all back to the island.

I made it, but it wasn’t pretty. I was a blithering, bitching, muddy mess by the time I got to the front door. I promised myself in that last half hour that I was never doing this again. Hang it all, I was moving back to the mainland with or without my husband, and I was taking the dogs too. I’d had enough. He could survive on his own without me.

A moment after my mental rantings, the sun’s rays poked through the clouds in a final run towards the horizon. Brilliant pinks and oranges dotted through the blue-gray cloud, birds sang, and the trees were still. I looked around me, and I remembered why I was here. The peace, the tranquility was all here. The madness was on the mainland. Sometimes I just have to grit my teeth in order to reach the other side and appreciate it all over again.


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