The world is enough

I’ve just managed to surface today after a few days of feeling less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, if I ever did, from a nasty little bug that laid me out like pizza base dough.

I’m still feeling a bit mashed and flattened after the whole ordeal, and am finding it difficult to rejoin the ‘human race’ thing that is going on outside my door. I’ve heard some horror stories about how these bugs can hang around for weeks, and I am left wondering what the aforementioned human race would do without me if I were to succumb to an even nastier little parasite anytime in the future.

After reassessing my situation and observing the goings on around me, I have come to the uncomfortable conclusion that the human race might be pretty much alright if I was out of action for anything from a day or two to an indefinite length of eternity, or pretty close to it.

Life as I know it would be going on at least, my husband, my son, my parents and my dogs would not be bracing themselves for a disaster of epic proportions and would  just be ‘getting on with it.’ As long as there was a steady supply of food, water, light and shelter, things would roll along. Admittedly, I would be missed while I was down and out, but accommodation would be made to work around the inconvenience of it all for a while, as life is full of adaptation. According to Charles Darwin, adaptation is necessary for survival. And so it goes on, with or without me.

Excuse me for feeling sorry for myself. One gets pretty pumped at their perceived view of being indispensable, and it can be somewhat deflating to find out otherwise.

Alternatively, it can be quite grounding, and even humbling, to discover that I am no more or less important than the next person, or bug, in the cog on the wheel. The world can live with me, and the world can live without me, but I can’t live without the world; my family, my pets, the ones that I love.



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