MT me

Well, another day in the trenches, so to speak. I’ve been hard at it, hitting those keys and trying to make sense of my practice medical transcription reports. It can be very frustrating, as I have probably already mentioned in previous posts. I had no idea, before I started this project, that this world of teeth grinding, hair pulling, and nail biting, actually existed. Well, in my case it is. I can only hope that I improve in the future and can make a decent living out of it.

There is a cyber world of people out there, tapping away at their keyboards in the comfort of their own homes, listening to reports not unlike these training transcriptions that I am doing now.  They type these difficult reports with ease because they have been doing it for a while. If you ask them about their jobs, more often than not they say that they really enjoy it. And why wouldn’t they? If you have the right equipment, the experience, and the inclination then you too can become an MT and earn a living from home.

I’m hoping to get through this course sometime in the new year and graduate. Graduate being the key word here. If I don’t graduate I don’t get a job, so the pressure is on. In my own mind anyway.

I have plans for myself next year. I hope to be working in the MT field by the second half of the year. This will coincide with my husband’s return to study on the other side of the country for a twelve month period. I’m going to need to be earning a living for him to get through it all. The last time he hit the books I worked and held the fort, and the time before. In return he has put me through university, and now he is putting me through this course. It’s a two-way street of sorts. We help each other out to reach a common goal. The bonus with this course is that once you are employed as an MT by a MT company, you can often work in different places, just as long as you have a good computer, keyboard, Internet access and privacy. How good is that? I can work from home, or I can join my husband and work while he studies.

So I will be back at it tomorrow, and most days until I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am a tad better at it than I am right now.

Stay tuned…


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