I wanna be an MT

I’m at it again. Online, typing my fingers to the bone and trying to make sense of this medical transcription course that I have become immersed in. I say immersed because that’s exactly what it is. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning. Who would have thought that you’d have to know the in’s and out’s of the human body, the A to Z of medical Latin, and the finer points of grammar to become a fully fledged MT.

I am in awe of these ladies and gents, who sit hour upon hour, listening to what can only be described as an auditory medical minefield of epic proportions, divided up into intermediate, hard, really hard, even harder, and damn near impossible transcriptions. I have heard everything from muffled mumblings to nasally nonsense that not even Lionel Logue could decipher.

I’m determined, however, to continue on. If others can do it, then I must jump in with both eyes closed, just to see if I can do it too. I think that has been the story of my life. And what is life if I don’t give something a go to see if I can? It won’t be a waste. Even if I fail I’ve learned something else. Then I can go onto the next big thing.

My big thing next year is to get through this course and come out the other side with my certification, and a little more knowledge and skill that will enable me to do something that I have always wanted to do.

Make a decent living without having to leave the front door of my home.

All my life I have worked and studied hard. I have left my home day after day, year after year. I have left in the morning and come home at night. Sometimes I have left in the evening and come home the next day. The time that I had left to spend doing the things that I wanted to was limited and precious.

Next year I would like to turn that outdated aspiration upside down. I will work from home and leave the house for fun and recreation. I will have more time to spend with those whom I want to spend time with, rather than who I have to spend time with in the workplace.  I will have more time to look after me and others around me, rather than being away from those that I care about, and not being involved with their lives.

I know this would not be everybody’s cup of tea, spending so much time at home. But that’s not really the point. The point is that I will be happy. And that is the main thing in life.


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