I’m back

Well I’m back. That in itself may not be a big statement, but considering the year I have had, it’s huge. October 2010 was the last time I posted here, and shame on me for that. A whole year of cyber silence gone to waste. I could have been famous, or at least had a few followers by now, if I had’ve kept my nose to the keyboard and hammered away.

Alas, it was not to be. A health check and a couple of stints in hospital and I was avoiding the keyboard like the plague. I wasn’t interest in writing, I wasn’t interested in anything. I was in a big dark hole of unhealthy physicality, and I wanted to be left alone. Funny what being sick  does to you. After a while you just accept it as a part of your life, but you don’t get anywhere. You stay sick and you stay stuck where you are.  Pretty soon it starts to creep into your psych and affect your mind. You start to ‘think’ sick.

I was there for a while. I took some time off work and had a break from life. Hey..I lived on an island. It was easy to have a break from the mainland for a while. I spent a lot of time perfecting the art of ‘hermitism.’

But now I’m back. I’ve decided that the world might be a much better place with me in it after all. At the very least for my family and my trusty fur-balls. I’m back on the computer again and volunteering my services as  database manager for a seniors online group. Can do it from home and don’t even have to wear my power suit. Don’t get paid, but then there’s no pressure and no deadlines. I’m doing it because I’m enjoying it and I want to do it.

Next year I am considering going back to work again. I’m working on a grand plan to work from home, and I’m doing a study course to give me the skills to take steps towards achieving my goal. I’ve studied before, at universities and colleges over the years, but this is different. I can do it at my own pace. I don’t have an essay deadline, I don’t have ‘group project stress’, and I don’t have to drive anywhere. Perfect.

I will be writing about my progress here. This may not be everybody’s idea of a good time, but it suits me right now.

I might even try to display some literary wit from time to time, when the mood suits. But most of all, I will keep it basic, and keep it as real as I can.

Welcome back,

To  me.


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