Life of Riley

Family Walk

Image by chiaralily via Flickr

Yawn. Could life get any better?

I rolled over and rumpled up my fluffy blanket and buried my face in it. It wasn’t time to get up yet, and I wasn’t in any hurry to do anything either. I felt buzzy and light inside. I was surrounded by people who loved me and took care of my every whim on command. I smiled to myself. I might get up in a minute. There might be a little treat waiting for me in the kitchen for breakfast, if I was lucky.

I stretched out slowly and plonked my feet onto the floor. Summer was fast approaching and the polished wooden floors felt good underneath my toes. I heard the postie putter past and thought about going out to the gate to greet him, but the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen beckoned to me, and I hurried, in case I missed out.

Everybody smiled at me when I walked in, and I smiled back. My brother Michael looked at me and winked, ‘You been sleeping in again Riley?

I nodded, yawned and stretched out again for effect, and everybody laughed. I was in heaven. Nobody ever got mad at me for always being the last up, or the last out the door, or the last one in the car. I was a bit slow, but it didn’t matter, I was loved and appreciated just for being me.

Yeh, I’m pretty spoiled, but I’m not a brat. I know I’m going to get the lion’s share of the attention because I’m special, and I’m nice to be around. Being cute has always been a bonus too, I guess. And I’ve got that in spades – from the day I was born.

I’ve been a member of this family for a long time now. I can’t remember all the way back to when Mum brought me home, but I can remember my first sweet treat – a great big ice cream. I dug my face in and got it all over me. Everybody laughed, until I jumped all over them and got it on them too.

They are all laughing at me again today. I have my favourite treat on my plate. Scrambled eggs, with a little toast on the side. I’m making a mess, but I’m enjoying myself. Mum comes and wipes my face with a towel and I look up at her and smile. How nice it is to be loved as much as I am.

Mum picks me up and gives me a big cuddle. I squirm a little and nuzzle into her neck. I smell her familiar soft perfume and feel myself nodding off again. Yes, life is good for me, the favourite of the family – a number one much loved Maltese called Riley.


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