It's all about me, ..... Julia Gillard

Image by Leonard John Matthews via Flickr

We had an election yesterday. Voting is compulsory in Australia, and whether you like it or not, you have to vote. Some people see it as their duty and their right to cast their vote and have a say in which party runs the country, some people just figure that its a pain in the butt, and lodge an informal vote, or not vote at all and risk the fine.

Australian voters are as peculiar and as temperamental as Australian politicians.  You have your die hard loyal party supporters, your green environmental voters, your mavericks and your swingers. The swingers are, without doubt, the most dangerous lot for a politician – one step in the wrong direction, or a failure to uphold all of your past election promises, and you can kiss your pollie ass goodbye at the next election.  Wound up swingers are as fickle and as volatile as the late Summer monsoonal season – you never know what’s going to happen or how bad it’s going to be. Hence the name ‘swinger’. It could go any way and anywhere.

The day after the election and the outcome is still not clear. There is talk of a ‘hung parliament‘. No real winner, and no real loser.  After final counts, an equal amount of seats may be held on both sides, and negotiations may be necessary for any real solution for leadership of the country.

If  you listen to the pollies right now, they have both fought bravely and campaigned well. I would agree with that in part. My television and my letterbox were systematically inundated with all types of political paraphenalia, innuendo and all out attacks on the opposition – weeks before the election took place. I have no doubt that my fellow Australians all copped their fair share – you would have had to be living in a vacuum to have been spared their onslaught.  

I have concluded that the outcome of the election is a true reflection of our society. The pollies can read it any way they like, but I believe that there is no true winner here right now. Australians are undecided on who they want to run their country. Even the dreaded swingers – who, in the past, have been able to despatch an ‘out of favour’ government in the blink of an eye – can’t seem to make up their minds this time. In reality, nobody is really sure that either party can do the job properly. The Green party secured more votes than at any other time in their political history –  this is more of a vote for environment and change, and a wake up call for those who would care to listen.  


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