My dogs’ antics

I'm a Bichon not a retriever. If you want it, ...

Image by Al_HikesAZ via Flickr

I busted my fur-kids underneath the house the other day. I try to keep them from getting under there, but every now and again they discover another unplugged hole or diggable patch of soft earth and run rampant amongst the dust, old wood and furniture, dirt, dead insects, and god knows what else when they find it. I guess that’s why they find it so appealing. It’s new territory and fun and dirty and ….off limits. I’m sure that they know that, but the lure of adventure is strong in my adolescent pair, and I must be forever vigilant.

It’s not that I don’t want them to have fun, that’s a part of being a dog. They go for walks and they do the normal doggy fun things. I just don’t want them to get into things that may be lurking in the darkness beneath my floorboards.  We are prone to the odd poinsonous snake and spider, not to mention a dead rodent or two every now and again. And as it is difficult for me to get underneath and have a really good spring clean – it’s only lower thigh height – I would prefer prevention rather than cure.

They are really  clever, and extremely quiet when they are looking for a route underneath, or are already in, sniffing around having a lovely time.  Now, I know that quiet doesn’t necessarily denote good behaviour in ANY species –  my internal alarm goes off immediately, and I go into search, find and modify mode.

I usually find them either making their getaway from their secret location, or dashing madly underneath the house when they discover me standing at their point of entry – which is not hard to find – I just look for the dirtpile and the big hole. There’s only one quick way out – the way in – so it’s inevitable that our paths will cross sooner or later.

I have to admit that it is hard to keep a straight face, although I probably should be stern.  I try – but their antics when they know that they are in for it are really quite entertaining. The commando crawl is a good one – keep as low as possible to the ground and maybe she won’t see us. The rollover – ok, I’m busted, but I’m cute and cuddly – whaddaya gonna do about it? The wobbly whine – ok, I’m really sorry, truly – but I’ve had a hard time and I’m really quite traumatised by the whole thing. And of course the statue – If I don’t move, maybe she’ll think I’m part of the decor.

My dogs’ antics will keep me amused forever.


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