Man’s best friend

I sat on my front veranda and watched the children play in the park. After a while they all went home and a man in a  black ute pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car. I watched as he went around to the other side of the car. A little black dog bounced out of the open door, and jumped around his feet in excitement, obviously happy to be out and about, and going for a walk. Well, that was my assumption anyway, a lot of people come here to run around with their ‘best friends’ , just for the fun of it. Everybody has a good time and nobody gets hurt.

I watched the man as he walked to a big tree, his little friend following closely behind, jumping up and down and circling in excitement. The man made no attempt to pat his friend, and stared off into the distance for a while before he turned and ran back to the ute. His little friend ran beside him, but the man didn’t lift her into the ute, instead he drove out of the carpark onto the main road. His friend yapped frantically and ran after the ute, almost getting run down by another car coming the other way.

I stared after the ute in disbelief. The little dog returned to the tree and sniffed at  its base, then sat down and started to howl. She cried for a while and then she sat still, looking off into the distance, waiting for her friend to return. I cried too, for this little girl who’s ‘best friend’ had left her without a care, to fend for herself or die. I filled a bowl of water and another with some dry food that I had for my sister’s pug. I took it over to her, but she shrank away from me, her eyes full of fear and apprehension. I left her to it and waited to see what would happen.

She sat there all night. It rained and the wind howled all night too. I barely slept a wink, and would peek through the curtains to check up on her at regular intervals. She was always there, sitting in the rain and looking down the road in hope. She was still there in the morning. A few children walked past and tried to tempt her with a few tidbits, but she wouldn’t go near them. After the third day I decided that it was time to get her some help, I couldn’t take it anymore.

We managed to get her to the vets, my sister and I, after much patience, enticement, and a friendly little pug dog who did his best to make a new friend out of Ruby. Yes…I already had a name for this poor bedraggled little creature, who up until now, probably didn’t have a friend in the world.

Ruby had the typical problems that a dog who had suffered from neglect would. The vet fixed up the worms and fleas and checked her blood to make sure she didn’t have any heartworm. He also desexed and vaccinated her before giving her a clean bill of health. My sister and I took her home and gave her a good bath and her first decent meal. 

It took a while to undo all the wrong that was done to my best friend, Ruby, but it was worth it. I now am the proud mother of a wonderful and loving fur-kid, who loves to play with and tease Max, the pug. She has her own bed, but generally sleeps on the bed or the lounge. She has a coat for the cold weather and airconditioning for the hot weather. She loves to run in the park too, but she likes to get to the car first when we are leaving. I can’t say I blame her for that, but I will never leave her, and I feel a little sorry for her former best friend. He has missed out on so much. But then again, my best friend and I are much better off because of it.


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