One thousand words

What is a picture worth? Lot’s of different things to lots of different people I guess. Pictures mean a lot to me because I like to recreate them on paper or canvas. I can draw almost anything that breathes, and maybe stuff that doesn’t. My perspective is not as great as the Dutch Masters, but I do ok.

I like to be able to do the best I can, especially when the subject is no longer around, be it a much loved pet or a much loved person. It has more meaning to all that are involved, the better it turns out. There can often be a lot of pressure to get it right though, and although I’m pretty sure I’ve done my best, there’s always something I could have done to improve on it – from my perspective anyway.

Drawing and painting provide me with the peace that can elude me in other areas of my life. It’s nice to withdraw from the everyday stuff and go into my world, where I don’t see past the next pencil or pastel stroke, or the anticipation of seeing it come together, little by little. It’s nice to reflect on the finished product for a while too. The feeling of accomplishment and the joy of presenting it to it’s new owner is quite heady, and can last for days. It’s worth more than a thousand words to me.


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