Real life

I sent an email to a friend today. I probably should have rung her, but quite honestly, I didn’t feel like chatting on the phone. It was easier to type a few lines and press enter. In the past you couldn’t have kept me off the phone, but sadly, I think button pushing is becoming a bit of a habit that I’m not in any hurry to kick.

 As little as twelve years ago, I was still sending gift cards filled with all the news and handwritten accounts of my life that anyone could hope for, and would wait in anticipation for a reply in the mail. I was doing my banking with a teller and every book that I bought was carried home in a shopping bag from the store.

These days I read my news online, catch up with most of my friend’s news by email or e-photo, and get most of my books with the click of a mouse. I even have my own pet portrait business online. It makes so much sense in my time poor world, that I have become accustomed to it.  I’ve even bought my mother a mobile phone so we can send each other texts when time doesn’t permit a catch up session that takes longer than fifteen minutes.

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot to be gained through our cyberspace interactions, but there’s a lot of ‘realtime’ interaction to be lost as well. And I’m as guilty as the next cyber-person. I’m not quite sure how to fix the problem, or if it is viewed by some as a problem at all – but I’m hoping to make a few real phone calls this week, and catch up with some real friends  and family in real time with a real lunch at a real cafe.


2 Responses to “Real life”

  1. lianamerlo Says:

    I still send letters once in a while. It makes me feel more alive, which is strange.

    • writemystuff Says:

      I know that feeling. Cyberspace is hard to work out. It feels like an interaction on some level, and we get satisfaction out of it, but there’s nothing like something more tangible. Feels like we are making more of an effort, therefore more physical participation. I’m no psychologist, but that’s my take on it. Nice to hear from you.

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