The right stuff

I recently decided to bite the bullet and purchase one of those Wii’s that everybody has been raving about. I usually wait a while before I buy things, I like to see if it’s just a fad, or if its going to be around for a while. The trouble is, sometimes I wait so long, the object of my desire has been supersueded by another more complex, and over-priced model. I hung off buying a plasma television, and bought a large LCD television instead, which gave me vertigo everytime I watched it for the first two weeks it was in the loungeroom. Now I find that they are beginning to manufacture a new 3D version of my television, but I think I will hang off for a while and see how it takes.

Anyway, back to the Wii. I opted to purchase the Wii Fit program as well, more out of curiosity than anything else. What on earth did the Wii program have to offer that I hadn’t already tried before? Interactivity, it seems. I had a ball making up my profile, and then I created profiles for my dogs as well. Now we can all have a daily weigh in, regardless of whether we have done a daily Wii fit program or not.  Makes me feel a bit better about myself when the one of the dogs fails the fat test.

My son has now started turning up more frequently. I have seen him more in the last two weeks than I have in the last six months. So I gave him a profile as well, and purchased another Wii hand control, and a two station hand control recharger. My logic was that my son and I could use it at the same time, plus it was all reduced to half price and it would be better to have a recharging station than the expense of all those batteries. After all, it was going to be used a lot, right?

I’m becoming quite good at swearing when Wii golf doesn’t quite go my way, and ‘high fivering’ when I win the Wii bowling challenge.  My son and I have almost knocked each other out as we dodge all over the lougeroom in an effort to hit a non-existant ball over a non-existant net. We grunt and moan and yell at each other, providing regular entertainment for our activity starved older neighbourhood. Wii boxing knocks out my yearning to take my fit of pique out on my husband when he forgets to replace the toilet roll or leaves the seat up, and Wii yoga? Let’s just say I’m still coming to terms with the positioning and the persistent instructor that politely tells me that my balance sucks.

Overall, I’m making the most of my Wii. But it’s early days yet, so do I have the right stuff to continue on? After a late night last night, I didn’t feel like turning it on today. I sincerely hope that is not a sign of things to come.


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