Have you ever noticed..

Have you ever noticed that when people are driving and they turn a corner, often they lean their body and their head into the turn as they turn the wheel, just like on a motorbike. I noticed that I was doing this myself in the car the other day, so I stopped. I could still go around the corner just fine, but it didn’t feel like I was ‘driving’. I don’t think we need to do it, but we do it anyway, just for effect.

I notice a lot of things about people when I’m sitting in traffic. Everybody is enclosed in their own private capsule. It’s like a capsule of power, and you can do anything you like in it, except keep your eyes on the road, it seems.  Personal grooming and foraging can be redefined in 1 metre squared confinement. I’ve seen everything from chin-driving-half-dressed lane-weaving to laptop-dancing (a form of lap-dancing that involves typing and no steering) it’s a wonder most of us survive. I say most of us, because these lunatics usually arrive at their destinations intact, oblivious to the mayhem that they may have left behind. 

It is not for me to judge – I don’t care what people do in their spare time – but this is all about me, and I want to get there in one piece.


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