My view

People are interesting, that’s a fact. No two people in the world are exactly alike, not even identical twins. We all have our different maps of the world and our different ways of looking at things, and we all adapt to our lives and our circumstances in different ways. I don’t know why we think we should all be able to get along – with the range of backgrounds we come from and the different belief systems that are ingrained in us, it’s a wonder any of us get along at all.

Then again, I don’t think it is just a question of trying to get along with others and fitting in. I think it’s more about accepting the differences we have and being more tolerant and patient with each other. Not that I am an expert, or one to preach tolerance and patience. I leave that to the preachers. But I believe they’re onto something. The world is bursting at the seams with humanity, in all it’s diversity. It’s a pretty crowded place, and it’s growing by the minute. We need to be able to get along to some degree, so that we may live together regardless of our backgrounds or skin colour. Wars are constantly fought because of differences. I’ve never heard of two parties agreeing with each other and then going off to fight about the same thing.

Maybe I’m being too simplistic – war and hatred in society are caused by a number of things, I’m sure. But simplifying things would bring about the realisation of the futility of it all. The world as it is will not last forever, and we as a ‘civilisation’ will almost certainly fail, as others have before us. Our relationship with our environment is torrid, and as we develop new technology and gadgetry, we step away from our natural world, at times forgetting where we come from.

From where we have come is what we shall return to. We can’t take it with us – but we can make our lives richer and more rewarding by contributing to our personal growth and those of others, here and now. Loving ourselves more is a step towards loving others, and maybe even loving the world that we live in, instead of taking it all for granted.


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