Diary entry

Here I am again. I’m trying to think of something witty to say, but a headcold and the subsequent mental fog is wreaking havoc with any sharp wit or intellect that may have been present on occasion when I have tapped away previously. So I will poke fun at myself for a while and see how I go.

I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling miserable and unwell, I’m also feeling sorry for myself. I guess that goes with the territory of ‘what you are on the inside will affect the outside… blah, blah.’ Sorry, but tissues and chicken soup are being served up for my misery guts at present, and I’m wallowing in it.  Having said that, division one in the national lottery could go a long way in improving my mental disposition, regardless of my physical state. So there you have it. I could probably improve my mood merely by the power of thought folks, but today I choose not to. I will work on it tomorrow, or the next day, when the mists part, and my appetite for food and the ironic return.


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