Writing tips for the beginner

My writing tips will vary, based upon my experience, and more upon what I can pull from the internet that is in some way easy to understand and to put in practice. If I do source my news and tips I will, of course, give credit where credit is due, and post links to the information for the benefit of the reader.

I have studied creative writing at university and done my share of internet writing courses, but it all amounts to nothing if I don’t practice my art and continue to practice until I get it right. I can also be, like many others, my own worst enemy, and suffer from a lack of confidence and a fear that my work will not be up to scratch or will be ridiculed by others. I have come to accept that this is all a part of the process, and I am completely normal in my ‘shortcomings’, real or imagined.

Not being good enough is a fear that I try to rationalise everyday. I’m not quite sure where it comes from, but it exists, and therefore it must be dealt with. I deal with this fear by trying to move through it and create something new – whether it be a new piece of artwork, a portrait, or experimenting with a new idea for a short story or subject.

I like life, and although it can offer up all kinds of challenges and setbacks, it it is still worth getting through a day at a time – even if it’s just to put the experience into words for the benefit and education of others. Keep at it, I say, and write those experiences down. Put some emotion into it. Then step back and take a look at it. Do a few courses if you can, and then come back and refine your work. There are a lot of people out there who will be only too willing to give you a few writing tips, for free or for a fee.


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