Dogs are people too

My dogs think they’re human. Admittedly, they are spoilt, but on a scale of one to ten, they are right up there on a nine when it comes to being a homosapien.

Most dogs love to sleep on beds when they get the opportunity. Angus, my Bichon boy, not only loves to sleep on the beds, he brings his own pillow! He’s got a little blue, doggie size pillow that he carries around with him, and whenever the mood suits, he lays his head on it for a quick nap. If he can’t find it, he cries until somebody assists in a pillow search and rescue effort, until it is recovered.

Ruby Rose, my Bichon girl, is a beautiful loving, soft and gentle creature – but crafty, and miles ahead of Angus in the doggy IQ stakes when it comes to manipulating the system. She is able to assess a situation, whether it be mealtime or pat time, and place herself in the most advantageous position to receive the lion’s share of what is on offer. When she’s done something wrong she’s the first to disappear and the hardest to catch. She’s also become quite adept at pulling her own blanket over herself when she’s cold, and stands patiently by the bottom draw where the dog leads are kept, whenever she hears the jingle of the front door key.

My dogs are clever, cute tacticians of the heart, and know how to manipulate me for the betterment of doggykind. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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