The minds of men

Have you ever wanted to understand what goes on in a man’s mind? Seriously. Men say that they can’t work women out. I would agree with that statement wholeheartedly, I sometimes can’t figure out what I’m doing until after it’s done. But it’s no big mystery or conspiracy, it’s just the way I operate. This thing with men not being able to figure women out is really over-rated. I think men just say that to throw us off what is really going on. Men don’t really want to work women out. They like not having to know what’s going on under the surface, because it would probably create more problems, in their opinion, than it would solve. And it would take a degree in psychology and another in applied science just to have a recognised opinion, which would be undermined by a woman anyway. Are you still with me?

Most men are happy being blissfully ignorant. Take my husband. I love him to bits. He does a lot of wonderful and thoughtful things for me, and I really appreciate it. But when it comes to shopping centres, he doesn’t get it. He’s strictly and A to B man. ‘A’ being the door at the entrance of the shopping centre, and ‘B’ being the desired destination. Then it’s back out through ‘A’ again, and home.  That’s not how I operate. I like to go from A to B, and even C, D, E and F if the mood suits. I may not see ‘A’ again for quite a few hours, depending on budget, bargains, baubells and the bling that is to be found. I don’t do this everyday. This is an expedition, and adventure, something to be savoured and enjoyed at all costs, and the booty to be enjoyed once you have arrived at your final destination, home.

My husband, of course, doesn’t enjoy this at all, and puts up a hell of a fight if he has to go. He says he can’t understand why I put myself – or him – through it, why I enjoy it, and what can possibly distract me in my A to B journey that should take all of approximately forty-five minutes. This also comes from the same man who can disappear into a Bunnings Hardware store  for well over two hours and knows exactly where to find a claw hammer, or two inch flat top fence nails. Not understanding women is a topic for which men which offer no theory, but can often be covered briefly over a few beers around the bbq or the local pub while discussing the more important issues of sports, the latest gadgets, or newly acquired toy.

I don’t think a man’s ultimate goal is to understand women, if it was, the world would probably be a different place. The battle of the sexes would probably not exist, and we may be living in perfect harmony. Does it really matter? Probably not. What is well worth understanding is that we all have our different values and experiences of the world that have shaped us into what we are at this point in our life, whether we are male or female, and that we are all probably going to think in different ways anyway.  If we can get our heads around that and take it on board in the course of our relationships with others, then maybe that’s all the understanding we need.


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