Welcome to my writing blog. I will have a go at almost anything within reason, and will attempt to entertain the masses (?) with my stylish written wit. I am not a professional writer….in other words..I haven’t been paid for my efforts, if you don’t include a few sparse publications in the local paper and on the ABC website a couple of years ago.

Nevertheless, I have studied various styles of writing and done a few online writing courses. I have attended university and obtained a degree in multimedia and communications. As many famous writers will say, and some not so famous..you must write, write and write to gain any experience in writing at all. You must read, read and read some more..and enjoy it, and you must accept constructive criticism.

So here on these pages, I shall attempt to write, write and write some more. I will try different genres and perhaps different techniques. Feedback and participation would be appreciated. I am alway open to honesty, although not downright abuse..:o

So get ready to come on a ride of experimentation, humour, wit, drama, fantasy, even poetry and complete rubbish, and hopefully enjoy it as much as I do.


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